(CAUGHT ON VIDEO) Truck Driver Nearly Dies While falling Asleep At The Wheel


Below is a video of a man who is falling asleep at the wheel. While he is slowly dozing off, he starts to sway from left to right on a 2 lane Highway. Eventually, the 18-wheeler had swerved so far left that eventually the truck driver wakes up. Once awoken, the driver overreacts because of being startled that he is now off-road, and the 18-wheeler truck flips over ask captured in the video below.



 While there is not enough information released by the media on what were the factors that led him to fall asleep at the wheel and put both his and other lives at risk, some could say that he just needed to sleep, some could say that he was abusing painkillers or other hard-core drugs. Nonetheless, accidents like this happening all the time on the road, and while we are grateful that the driver in this video survived and no one else was injured or killed, there are many situations where a driver is utilizing a $100,000 truck with thousands of dollars worth of supplies, and due to the trucking companies negligence of DOT policies, people do become injured or killed.




For truck drivers who are under the FMCSA, while it is not only important but mandatory to have a DOT physical, annual MVR report, enrolled in the Clearing House, pre-employment drug screening, it is EXTREMELY crucial to be enrolled in a consortium, which is a random drug testing pool that all DOT workers MUST be a part of. This not only keeps you compliant but keeps everybody honest while working the roads as the purpose of these programs is to surprise would-be drug offenders and get them off the road ASAP. If in the event you are not in compliance with 49 CFR part 40, and WHEN CAUGHT, you can be subject to thousands of dollars worth of fines. To learn more about 49 CFR part 40 CLICK HERE: www.transportation.gov/odapc/part40/40-1 


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