In New Kingstown, Pennsylvania, a branch of NAPA auto parts, announced that after months of being short staffed and struggling to hire new employees, they will ditch not only their new hire drug screening, but also their background check for new hire candidates. This is coming off the recent policy changes by companies such as Google and Amazon as they will be backing off of drug testing for marijuana. While marijuana is definitely trending upwards, is it a good thing to open up the floodgates and have no rules for marijuana? Do employers/employees deserve safety?


While drug testing is not completely gone from companies like Amazon and Google will still be tested for alcohol and opiates, to think that a company like NAPA auto parts would be so desperate to hire that they would disregard the possibility of a cocaine addict or a sex offender working for them is madness within itself. Part of the blame is the company, but the other part is because of COVID-19 and that states are paying out unemployment benefits much higher than employees’ wages. It’s not only encourages people to stay home and get paid more than they were getting paid before, but also this conflict merges in the requesting of increasing wages. It truly is a perfect storm; However, safety should never be negotiated.


Could you imagine 10 years from know the scenarios that will stream from companies not drug testing their employees.

Falling asleep on the job.

Employees doing drugs on the job.



Lives lost.

Reputations lost.

Poor quality of work.


Calling out.

Slurred speech.

Overdosing on the job.

For companies, that are considering doing this, they are not only making a massive mistake, but are putting lives at risk. For companies around the US, many of who feel the need to give into society’s allure for marijuana legalization, that they are willing to go against their company values to make it acceptable in the work place. Some companies are also making this decision based off of lack of talent, and for fear a candidate will find more solace in living off of their unemployment benefits.


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